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It can feel overwhelming to sit in a stuffy attorney’s office and hear lots of terms you don’t understand. The Law Office of David Martinez won’t patronize you or speak in legal jargon. When you’re facing criminal prosecution or a personal injury lawsuit, you want answers that make sense. Turn to our local practice for representation and counsel you can trust.

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Whether you’re looking for a family lawyer or an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Lubbock, Texas, you can put your faith in David Martinez. Contact us for a free consultation over the phone or visit us for more information on our firm. We specialize in family, personal injury and criminal law. Bring your concerns to The Law Office of David Martinez and pursue the justice you deserve.

5 reasons to hire a lawyer in Lubbock, TX

If you've been stung by negligent lawyers in the past, give legal representation a second chance. Our Lubbock, Texas attorney has more than 30 years of experience. There's a reason we remain a stable local business year after year - we put our clients first. You'll be treated as an individual worthy of dignity and respect when you partner with David Martinez. Choose us for:

  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Texas State Bar accreditation
  • Diverse areas of practice
  • Welcoming bilingual staff
  • An outstanding business reputation

Don't wait to advocate for yourself. You are more than your divorce or criminal offense or disability. You are a person with potential and promise. Affirm your value and contact The Law Office of David Martinez to take control of your case in Lubbock, TX. Call 806-744-1692 today!