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Pain Doesn't Have to Run in the Family

Work With a Family Law & Child Custody Attorney in Lubbock, TX

It's difficult to be objective when confronting your family. That's why you need to work with a dependable family lawyer in Lubbock, Texas. Receive professional representation and engage in amicable negotiations. The Law Office of David Martinez is committed to pleading your case. Call us at 806-744-1692 for a free legal consultation. We're equipped to help you with:

  • Custody disputes
  • Grandparental rights
  • Sole custody requests

Your children will thrive when they have a safe place to call home. Together, we'll ensure home is with you.

3 ways to love your child well during a custody battle

  1. Vent your frustrations to a counselor, not your child
  2. Teach your child how to recognize manipulation
  3. Be honest with your child without overwhelming them

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