Are You Caught in a Bind?

Are You Caught in a Bind?

Don't Wait to Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney in Lubbock, TX

Mistakes happen. While you can't turn back the clock, you can turn up the intensity of your legal defense. No state or federal crime is too difficult for The Law Office of David Martinez to manage. We've spent over 30 years taking criminal cases to trial - we know how to secure your best possible outcome. Let us prepare you for the courtroom. Choose the David Martinez team to confidentially manage your criminal case.

Our Lubbock, TX attorneys can't guarantee you'll be free of all consequences, but we can strive to reduce jail time and related charges. If we aren't successful, we won't bill you - it's as simple as that. Call 806-744-1692 for help with:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Murder
  • DWIs/DUIs
  • Domestic violence
  • Aggravated assault
  • Drug violations
  • White collar crimes

Don't rest your case before learning the facts

Even if you know you're guilty, you have fundamental rights that should be respected and protected. Our criminal defense attorneys are on your side in Lubbock, TX. As a defendant, you have the right to legal representation and a speedy public trial. You're also entitled to confront witnesses and review all incriminating evidence. Make an informed decision and accept the settlement you deserve. Contact The Law Office of David Martinez for personalized legal counsel.