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Legality Is Our Specialty in Lubbock, TX

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Attorney David Martinez is aggressive in the courtroom and has spent the last three decades winning criminal and civil law cases. He represents individuals, corporations and family units in Lubbock, Texas. As one of the few local lawyers who speaks Spanish fluently, Martinez can give you a voice and translate your courtroom nightmares into courtroom victories.

What's different about David Martinez?

The Law Office of David Martinez respects each client's time. We're efficient and fast but we never compromise our ethical code. Legal professionals with integrity build better cases - it's just a fact. We're proud to serve the state of Texas and are accredited members of:

  • The Texas Law Association
  • The American Association of Justice
  • The Texas Bar Foundation
  • The Texas State Bar

We also offer affordable representation. If we don't win your case, we don't bill you for our time. Your future can be safe when you call 806-744-1692 to speak with your Lubbock, TX legal counsel.